SK FireSafety Group
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It's in our DNA to save lives and assets

We want to be the 1st choice in fire safety for our customers and employees with innovative solutions and services rooted in deep sector knowledge.

Havenhuis Antwerpen
Havenhuis Antwerpen
Kinepolis Breda
Ruwais Refinery
Takreer Abu Dhabi

What can we do for you?

Because in case of a fire every second counts, and every situation is different, we believe in dedicated products, dedicated systems and dedicated solutions for every customer. Whether it's a nursery in Antwerp or an oil platform in the Asian Sea. People, assets and the environment deserve maximum safety.

First Intervention Solutions

The first 15 minutes are crucial

We supply all portable fire fighting products to all sectors and users. Our customers are end users such as Facility Managers, Purchasers, Health and Safety Representatives, Technical Services and private individuals, but also installation companies that apply fire safety services for their customers.

Sectors we know all about

  • Industry
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Installation & Construction
  • Transport & Logistics
  • and many more...

High Value Asset Protection

Protecting assets and people

Fire safety systems in buildings, at plants or infrastructure have to perform three tasks: detection, evacuation and extinguishing. Those three components are exactly what you will find in our approach. The combination of these three areas always leads to the best solution. No need to explain that to us. We know.

Sectors we know all about

  • (Petro) Chemicals
  • Infrastructure & Government Services
  • Datacenters, Utilities & Telecommunications
  • Corporate Housing
  • Health Care
  • and many more...

Governing Principles

Our Governing Principles are a set of values, standards and ambitions that we at SK FireSafety Group use to guide our activities both internally, and in our relationships with customers. These principles are the pillars upon which our business is built. They define who we are and what we stand for, where we are going and why we want to get there.

  • We know fire
  • We know safety
  • We know you
We share our expertise
We share our expertise

Fire Safety is our prime focus – and we apply it to the full extent of our capabilities. We believe that this focus delivers tangible benefits for our customers. Our deep sector knowledge and focused approach mean that the solutions we generate are fit-for-purpose and relevant for our clients’ businesses. As the industry moves away from regulation and standards, the insights and specific knowledge of our team of specialists become an invaluable resource – one that we share openly with customers.

We are solution-driven
We are solution-driven

Our open approach and collaborative mindset reflect who we are – we are a trusted partner that works closely with its customers and presents them with robust solutions. Our company culture is characterised by a solution-driven, no-nonsense, pro-active approach at every level. We take great pride and satisfaction in designing the optimal solution for every scenario, and every customer, no matter how great or small.

We are dependable
We are dependable

Our customer partnerships are built on a foundation of trust. Our combination of strong governance, dedicated specialists, and in-depth knowledge results in attention to detail and operational excellence. This enables customers to get on with their core business, safely, securely and with the knowledge that we are there to support them around the clock, every day of the year. We build relationships for the long term; we strive to be the No.1 choice for both employees and customers alike.

Our companies

A well-balanced and diverse range of experienced companies that specialise in one area of expertise: protecting people and investments against fire and other accidents. That is why our group is able to meet your safety needs without burdening you with a lot of extra work. The group has specialised knowledge about each and every market segment. Our focus is on fire, safety and you.

  • Delivered over 40.000 AED's
  • Offices in The Netherlands and Belgium
  • Creating life safety for society
  • Fire Safety Services and Maintenance
  • Strong regional brand
  • Safety courses and training provider
  • Protection of high hazard assets
  • Complete fire fighting solutions
  • Worldwide support network
  • Established in 1924
  • Extensive range of certified products
  • Service, maintenance and training
  • Supplier to port of Rotterdam
  • Wholesaler of total fire safety package
  • Maintenance of fire safety products
  • Significant player in Sweden

Who are we?

We work for